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Getting Started

“For the sailor who does not know where to set his course, there are no favorable winds” - Seneca 

It all begins with a plan. Just as no ship sails without a float plan, and no pilot takes off without a flight plan, no family should set out on a multigenerational journey of building, preserving, and transferring wealth without a carefully written plan. Doing so would be like setting out on a cross country journey without a map. Odds are you’d end up hopelessly lost!

We begin all relationships doing a lot of listening. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? When do you want to be there? Only then can we go about designing your own personalized map with appropriate steps that aim to get you there and on time. Oftentimes there are multiple goals, or destinations, on your map. Whether it's retirement, education funding, charitable giving, funding for a special needs member of the family, or leaving a legacy, it’s your plan. It’s your map. 

Like any experienced guide, we’ll be right there with you to monitor your progress, stay on course, and make adjustments if conditions or your destinations change. 

We welcome you to meet with us, figure out if we’re well suited for a long term venture together, and if so, get started!